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2007 Foals
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Wounded Knee Appaloosas

We are very proud of Riptides first foal crop.
6 fillies and 2 stud colts
All colored
5 Full Leopards
2 Few Spots
1 Lace on hips and shoulders

Andrew and MOM Andrews Poteet Lady

Springfield Show 6-19-07

Andrew at home 7-2007

For Sale  $3000.00
Payed in 3 futurities BAA, MVApHC, and Lamoine Saddle Club
SOLD to North Carolina

Andrews Poteet Lady X WK Riptide
This is Riptides first foal a stud colt born 2-16-07

WK Rips Model T
AKA Ford


Primarily A Model x WK Riptide
Born 3-4-07
Riptide's Second foal. 2 Leopards. WOW

WK So Little Time AKA Sophie
MOM Gotcha Dun N Time

Sophie is for sale $1500.00 OBO
She is red dun with all the dun factor characteristics
Tiny head and long beautiful neck
Mom Time has ROM in Hunter in Hand
Dad Riptide has many points including Superior in Hunter In Hand

Gotcha Dun N Time x WK Riptide
DNA tested to varify parentage
Lace on hips and shoulders
LOTS of Personality

WK Riptides Design AKA Desi
MOM Quincys Gone

Desi is for sale $1000.00
Beautiful Leopard Filly with Great breeding
SOLD to Maryland

Quincy Gone x WK Riptide
Born 5-3-07
WOW Another Leopard and a Filly


SL Chief Illinette X WK Riptide
Few spot filly
For sale by Owner Shiela Knibbs

Mty Colida Sundancer X WK Riptide
It is with much regret and sadness that we announce the loss of loud colored twin fillies a leopard and a few spot
Sundancer is bred back to Riptide for 2008.



Skippin Approval X WK Riptide due 7/10/07
Loud colored filly with white tipped ears
Born 6-20-07

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